• Alamat Center Poin A 6-7 Desa Kemangsen, Balong Bendo,
    Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
  • Phone 081252528055 , 0318978007


PT. Anugerah Jaya Petindo Sejahtera

PET Bottle Plastic

Selling cheap PET plastic bottles in Surabaya. PT. Anugerah Jaya Petindo Sejahtera is a supplier & distributor that sells cheap PET plastic bottles of various models and sizes. We sell PET plastic bottles which are types of packaging bottles made from PET materials. PET plastic material was chosen because of its characteristics which are easy to print and safe to use as a food and beverage container for consumption. PET plastic bottles are widely used in various industries, including the mineral water industry, oil production, even soft drinks and soft drinks. Contact us now for PET bottles for your industrial needs. We serve orders of products both medium and large quantities.
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