• Alamat Center Poin A 6-7 Desa Kemangsen, Balong Bendo,
    Sidoarjo, Jawa Timur, Indonesia
  • Phone 081252528055 , 0318978007


PT. Anugerah Jaya Petindo Sejahtera

Plastic Jar

Sell ​​Plastic Jars Surabaya. PT. Anugerah Jaya Petindo Sejahtera, a supplier and distributor of plastic jars with various types, sizes, models and shapes. Selling plastic jars which is one type of container that is usually used food packaging / food both in a fresh condition or that has been through the food processing. We provide various models of plastic jars that are usually used for containers of snacks, cakes and other foods. These plastic jars are available in various shapes from round, square, rectangular to pentagon-shaped.
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